PhD Theses

Multiscale finite element models for the analysis, design and optimisation of variable stiffness composite
Student: Alberto Racionero Sánchez-Majano
Supervisor: Prof. Alfonso Pagani, Prof. Marco Petrolo

Global/local an coupled high order FEM-Perydynamics model for fracture analysis of isotropic and composite structures
Student: Marco Enea
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo CarreraProf. Matteo Filippi

Nonlinear and Linearized Analysis of Vibrations of Loaded Anisotropic Beam/Plate/Shell Structures
Student: Rodolfo Azzara
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Prof. Alfonso Pagani, Prof. Matteo Filippi

Advanced FEs for the micropolar and geometrical nonlinear analyses of composite structures
Student: Riccardo Augello
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Prof. Alfonso Pagani

Higher-order layer-wise models for the progressive damage and impact analysis of composite structures
Student: Manish Hassan Nagaraj
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo CarreraProf. Marco Petrolo

Hierarchical component-wise models for enhanced stress analysis and health monitoring of composites structures
Student: Alberto Garcia de Miguel
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo CarreraDr. Alfonso Pagani

Multi-scale Modelling and Design of Composite Structures
Student: Yanchuan Hui
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo CarreraDr. Gaetano Giunta

Modeling and Design of Multi-Stable Composite Structures
Student: Gabriele De Pietro
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo CarreraDr. Gaetano Giunta

Refined one-dimensional models applied to biostructures and fluids
Student: Daniele Guarnera
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Dr. Alfonso Pagani

Variable Kinematic Finite Element Formulations Applied to Multi-layered Structures and Multi-field Problems
Student: Guohong Li
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Prof. Maria Cinefra, Dr. Enrico Zappino

Computationally-efficient multiscale models for progressive failure and damage analysis of composites
Student: Ibrahim Kaleel
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Prof. Anthony WaasDr. Marco Petrolo

Solution of Coupled Thermoelasticity Problem in Rotating Disks (Presentation)
Student: Ayoob Entezari
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo CarreraDr. Matteo Filippi

Component-wise Analysis of Reinforced Thin-walled Metallic and Composite Structures
Student: Tommaso Cavallo
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo CarreraDr. Enrico Zappino

Development of computational efficient shell formulation for analysis of multilayered structures subjected to mechanical, thermal, and electrical loadings* ( Presentation Slides** )
Student: Stefano Valvano
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Prof. Maria Cinefra

Strong-form governing equations and solutions for variable kinematic beam theories with practical applications 
Student: Alfonso Pagani
Supervisors: Prof. J.R. Banerjee, Prof. Erasmo Carrera

A Variable Kinematic One-Dimensional Model for Aeroelasticity and Dynamic Analysis of Multi-Layered Rotors
Student: Matteo Filippi
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera

Axiomatic / Asymptotic Analysis and Best Theory Diagrams for Laminated Plates / Shells Loaded by Mechanical, Thermal and Electrical Loadings
Student: Alessandro Lamberti
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Dr. Maria Cinefra, Dr. Marco Petrolo

Component-wise models for static, dynamic and aeroelastic analysis of metallic and composite aerospace structures
Student: Alfonso Pagani
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Dr. Marco Petrolo

Variable kinematic 1D, 2D and 3D models for the Analysis of Aerospace Structures
Student: Enrico Zappino
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera

Delamination Modeling and Detection in Composite Structures
Student: Keshava Kumar S.
Supervisor: Prof. Ranjan Ganguli, Prof. Dineshkumar Harursampath, Prof. Erasmo Carrera

Local FEM Analysis of Composite Beams and Plates: Free-Edge effect and Incompatible Kinematics Coupling
Student: Christian Wenzel
Supervisor: Prof. Olivier Pòlit, Prof. Erasmo Carrera

Multiscale approaches for the failure analysis of fiber-reinforced composite structures using the 1D CUF
Student : Marianna Maiarù
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Prof. Anthony M. Waas, Dr. Marco Petrolo

Advanced higher-order one-dimensional models for fluid-structure interaction analysis
Student : Alberto Varello
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera

Development of advanced structural multifield models for the study of smart wing
Student : Federico Miglioretti
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Prof Olivier Polit

Modelling-based design of anisotropic piezocomposite transducers and multi-domain analysis of smart structures
Student : Fabio Biscani
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Dr. Houssein Nasser

Refined and advanced shell models for the analysis of advanced structure
Student : Maria Cinefra
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Prof Olivier Polit

Advanced aeroelastic models for the analysis of lifting surfaces made of composite materials
Student : Marco Petrolo
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera

Classical and mixed finite elements for thermoelectromechanical analysis of multilayered anisotroipic plates.
Student : Alessandro Robaldo
Supervisor : Prof. Erasmo Carrera

Aerodynamic Analysis of Non-conventional Wing Configurations for Aeroelastic Applications.
Student : Luciano Demasi
Supervisor : Prof. Gianfranco Chiocchia, Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Prof Eli Livine

Deterministic and Stochastic Hierarchical Analysis of Failure and Vibration of Composite Plates and Shells.
Student : Gaetano Giunta
Supervisor : Prof. Erasmo Carrera

Classical and mixed multilayered plate/shell models for multifield problems analysis.
Student : Salvatore Brischetto
Supervisor : Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Prof. Olivier Polit

Modeling and validation of multilayered structures for spacecraft, including multifield interactions.
Student : Pietro Nali
Supervisor : Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Prof. Olivier Polit, Dr. Adriano Calvi

Advanced modelling of multilayered composites and functionally graded structures by means of Unified Formulation
Student: Daniela Crisafulli
Supervisor : Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Prof. Olivier Polit, Dr. Gaetano Giunta

MSc Theses

Advanced finite elements for the large displacement (and large strains) analysis of materials and structures
Student : Piero Chiaia.
Supervisor : Maria Cinefra, Alfonso Pagani, Matteo Filippi.

The study of hierarchical beam coupling modeling with complicated section applying multi-scale method. 
Student : He Qi Zh.
Supervisor : Hu Heng.

Refined finite element structural models for the vibro-acoustic response of plate-cavity systems.
Student : Luca Almonti
Supervisor : Prof. Lorenzo Dozio, Prof. Erasmo Carrera

Confronto fra diverse Teorie per l’Analisi Termoelastica di Piastre Multistrato.
Student : Angelo Ciuffreda
Supervisor : Prof. Erasmo Carrera

Analisi Termo-meccanica di Piastre e Gusci FGM
Student : Maria Cinefra
Supervisor : Prof. Erasmo Carrera

An advanced aeroelastic model for the analysis of beam-like structures.
Student : Alberto Varello
Supervisor : Prof. Erasmo CarreraProf Luciano Demasi

Analisi numerica e confronto tra le principali teorie per piastre e gusci meccanici.
Student : Salvatore Vitale
Supervisor : Prof. Erasmo Carrera

Elementi finiti piastra C0z basati sull’equazione mista di Reissner.
Student : Luciano Demasi
Supervisor : Prof. Erasmo Carrera

Spectral methods for static and dynamic analysis of multilayered plates.
Student : Fiorenzo Fazzolari
Supervisor : Prof. Erasmo CarreraProf. Luciano Demasi

Classical and Mixed Elements with Various Two-Dimensional Assumptions in Finite Element Analysis of Multilayered Plates (TBC).
Student : Axel Buttner
Supervisor : Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Prof. Thomas Wallmersberger, Prof. Bernd Kroeplin 

Analisi di formulazione agli elementi finiti shell avanzati per problemi meccanici ed elettromeccanici
Student: Stefano Valvano
Supervisor : Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Dott. Maria Cinefra

Applicazione di modelli component-wise alla risposta statica e dinamica di strutture aeronautiche soggette a carichi inerziali
Student: Francesco Zangallo
Supervisor : Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Dott. Federico Miglioretti, Ing. Alfonso Pagani

Analisi strutturale di Lanciatori
Student: Tommaso Cavallo
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Ing. Enrico Zappino

Modelli "component-wise" per analisi statica, dinamica e aeroelastica di strutture alari
Student: Alfonso Pagani
Supervisor: Prof. Erasmo Carrera, Ing. Marco Petrolo