Structure Mechanics and FEM


MUL2 Investigators

Erasmo Carrera, Tommaso Cavallo, Maria Cinefra, Gabriele De Pietro, Ayoob Entezari, Matteo Filippi, Alberto Garcia de Miguel, Daniele Guarnera, Rehan Jamshed, Ibrahim Kaleel, Guohong Li, Alfonso Pagani, Marco Petrolo, Stefano Valvano, Andrea Viglietti, Enrico ZappinoSeyed Abdollah Sheikholeslami

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Joint research projects with top universities // PoliTO MUL2 - City University of Hong Kong

Advanced theories based on peridynamics and nonlocal mechanics for the multi-scale/multi-field analysis of smart and bio-structures
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Joint Project for the internationalization of Research // PoliTO MUL2 - Purdue University

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