Global/local analysis of composite wing structures

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Start Date: 01/06/2018                       Duration: 60 Months


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The analysis of modern aerospace structures made of composite materials requires the use of advanced tools and proper simulation techniques that, eventually, are not available in commercial design and simulation tools.

In this framework, a CUF-based user-friendly plug-in for the computation of 3D stresses in generic laminated structures using ABAQUS and NASTRAN based software has been developed. The proposed approach merges the efficiency and accuracy of refined laminate theories for composite analyses and the scalability of global/local approaches. The tool has a graphical user interface (GUI) within ABAQUS and FEMAP and can be used as a stand-alone software with all the NASTRAN based tools. The tool provides 3D results across the stack of plies directly from the same display. Making use of the element-wise (EW) approach, the user needs to select the shell elements in which the 3D solutions are of interest. The code automatically manages all the inputs and boundary conditions for the local solver in the plug-in package referred to as MUL2@GL.

An illustrative version of MUL2@GL is available in the software section of this website.

MUL2 Investigators

Erasmo CarreraAlfonso PaganiEnrico Zappino,Riccardo Augello

MUL2 PhD students

Marco Enea, Alberto Racionero