Joint Project for the internationalization of Research // PoliTO MUL2 - Purdue University


This project aims at enhancing a collaboration between two world-leading Institutions. Namely, Purdue University and Politecnico di Torino. The mobility provided by this project allow scientists working together on a strategic research field, which has recently drawn considerable interest from aerospace, mechanical and biomedical industries.

The main objectives are the development and characterization of innovative, multifunctional, composite materials, such as, for example, classic to elasto-magnetic laminates for smart structures and sensors as well as coatings for high temperature applications in the field of aerospace, biomaterials and energy productions. The success of the project is guaranteed by the high International value of the research team.

Two established techniques will be mainly used for the project; i.e., the one developed by Prof. Yu (multiscale theory based on variational asymptotic approach: The Mechanics of Structure Genome) and the one ideated by Prof. Carrera (component-wise and multifield models based on Carrera Unified Formulation). The planned joint research activities will involve a number of professors and non-staff members by organizing a series of research seminars and at least one PhD course.

MUL2 Investigators

Erasmo Carrera, Alfonso Pagani, Marco Petrolo, Alberto Garcia de Miguel, Ibrahim Kaleel