Frederic Dau is graduated from ENS Cachan in France. He obtained successfully the so-called Agregation diploma (the main diploma from ENS Cachan, ranked 17th out of 76 successful candidates on all France) allowing to teach in University and Engineering schools. At the same time, he also obtained his advanced studies degree in mechanical engineering (equivalent of today master of sciences) ending top of his class. He received his PhD in 2004 from ENSAM Paris, France for his work on a new C1 shell finite element with double curvature based on a refined model for linear and nonlinear problems of structural composites. He has been recruited as associate professor in 2007 at ENSAM Bordeaux, France and promoted to the highest rank in this corps in 2012. He holds now the position of head of research projects in his laboratory and is a very active member of various scientific councils and committees. He remains also very involved in innovative education projects. More details can be found here.