The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is the largest Australian tertiary institution. RMIT has three campuses in Melbourne, two in Vietnam and a student population of 82000 and grants Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees. RMIT University has a world-leading research group in aerospace composite materials and structures. The team is the largest research group in fibre-reinforced polymer composites within Australia, and consists of six academic staff (including three senior Professors), six Research Fellows and 25 PhD students. The team has expertise in manufacturing, experimental testing and computational modelling of aerospace composite structures.  RMIT conducts research predominantly centred on damage tolerance, structural analysis and non-destructive damage detection (including structural health monitoring) of composites, which are critical research issues for the aerospace industry. RMITs research into aerospace composites is recognised internationally for its scientific excellence and industry relevance as evidenced by high citations and the strong collaborative partnerships with leading aerospace companies and research organisations. The composites team of RMIT collaborates with organisations that include Boeing Aerostructures Australia, Boeing Research and Technology Australia, Airbus, United States Office of Naval Research, Teledyne Scientific, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, DLR, CRC for Advanced Composite Structures and CSIRO.



Professor Adrian Mouritz