Politecnico di Torino is a public Italian university granting Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D degrees, with an enrolment of 32,000 students. POLITO will coordinate the project, recruit three PhDs, offer secondments, and cooperate in the supervision activity and the organization of training and dissemination events. The participation to many international projects allows the Politecnico di Torino to count on a great experience in project coordination and management: in FP7, POLITO had about 222 approved European projects with a total EU contribution of nearly 63 million Euro.

MUL2 is the research group involved in this project. MUL2  is a research group led by Prof. Erasmo Carrera of Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. MUL2 is composed of some 5 Post-Docs, 5 PhD students, and ten graduate students The MUL2 research activity aims at the development of advanced structural models for MULtilayered structures with particular attention given to MULtifield analysis and fluid-structure interaction. Over the last decade, MUL2 has proposed 1D and 2D variable kinematic models based on the Carrera Unified Formulation (CUF) for the static, free vibration, dynamic response, buckling, failure, and aeroelastic analysis of structures made of isotropic, composite, piezoelectric and functionally graded materials.  MUL2 has published some 500 papers and 4 books over the last decade,  is involved in many international research projects and has research partnerships with leading aeronautic companies. For instance, MUL2 has been granted an Embraer funding for low-fidelity versus high-fidelity finite element models for static, dynamic and aeroelastic analyses of composite wings.  



Professor Erasmo Carrera

Dr Marco Petrolo

Dr Enrico Zappino