Leibniz Universität Hannover stands for excellence in teaching and research and attaches great importance to the interdisciplinary and international character of its work. LUH sees itself as a community striving for scientific and academic insight, seeking sustainable, peaceful and responsible solutions to central issues concerning the future.   The broad spectrum of LUH subjects ranges from engineering and natural sciences, architecture and environmental planning, law, social sciences, economics and management to the humanities.  LUH is committed to further developing its profile while attaching particular importance to interdisciplinary teaching and research. Leibniz Universität Hannover is a member of TU9, the group of leading technical Universities in Germany. 

The Institute of Structural Analysis (ISD) of Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH) consists of two departments, the Vibrations Department and the Composites Department. The Composites Department of ISD focuses on development of nonlinear material models for unidirectional and textile composites, on the robust and economical design of composite structures, and on computer-aided material development using the molecular dynamic finite element method (MDFEM). ISD participates in German research projects, like earlier in the DFG-Priority Programme SPP 1123 “Textile Composites”, and currently in an SFB project in which the ISD will develop probabilistic methods to describe the vibration behavior of turbine blades of aircraft engines (DFG is the German research council, an SFB is a Collaborative Research Centre of DFG). At the international level, ISD is currently involved in the European FP7 projects MAAXIMUS, glFEM, DAEDALOS and DESICOS. ISD is also involved in industry projects, like recently in the development of a virtual test bed for CFRP bolted joints (with Airbus Germany) and multi-scale analysis of thick-walled composites for EADS-IW. The ISD participates in the Virtual Institute of Nanotechnology in Polymer Composites, and is a member of the interdisciplinary laboratory for nano and quantum engineering (LNQE) at Leibniz Universität Hannover, where scientists from various disciplines cooperate on nanotechnologies. ISD is also a member of the European aeronautics science network (EASN) and the European Academy on Wind Energy (EAWE).



Professor Raimund Rolfes

Dr Eelco Jansen