The Digital Image Correlation, DIC, is a non-contact optical technique that allows the displacement and strain fields to be evaluated on a generic, three-dimensional surface. 

The acquisitions are made by a Q-400 Digital Image Correlation, DIC, system by Dantec Dynamics.This apparatus is made of two 2-megapixel cameras for high-frequency image tracking, one light source, the supporting structure, the data acquisition unit, and the calibration tool. Image processing, on the other hand, is performed with the licensed Instra4D V2.1 software tool.


 The small dimensions of the system and its high set-up flexibility allows the system to be used during Lab test but also for in-situ acquisitions of existing structures.



MUL2 Investigators

Erasmo Carrera, Matteo Filippi, Alfonso Pagani, Enrico Zappino

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