Giacinto Alberto Fiordilino is an Aerospace Engineer working at Polytechnic of Turin. He earned a BSc in Aerospace Engineering at Polytechnic of Turin in December 2013 by discussing a thesis on the Analysis of Helicopter Mechanical Transmission Performances. Afterwards he attended a MSc in Aerospace Engineering in the same university and he earned the master degree in December 2016, presenting a thesis on Global-Local analysis of aircraft structures by variable kinematics models under the supervision of the Prof. Erasmo Carrera and Eng. Alfonso Pagani. He spent four months in Brazil in the city of São José dos Campos as an intern of Embraer S.A. and he started working as a Ph.D student in February 2017.  Giacinto Alberto Fiordilino is a joint-PhD student in a Mechanical Engineer of Arts et Métiers ParisTech and Polytechnic of Turin and his research project is related to the Multi-scale analysis, design and optimization of variable stiffness composites.

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