Call: H2020-CS2-CPW01-2014-01 Grant Number:  671420
Start Date: 01/10/2015 Duration: 81 Months


AIRGREEN 2 aims at developing and demonstrating, in a relevant environment, innovative concepts, and methodologies, enabling the realization of a wing of new generation. This wing will be characterized by an innovative structure, result of an improved life cycle design; a high level of adaptivity, enabling load control and alleviation strategies and enhancing the aerodynamic performance at the different flight regimes; an innovative aerodynamic design, oriented to natural laminar flow preservation and drag reduction. MUL2 is involved in the structural design of the wing.

MUL2 Contributions

The MUL2 team deals with two main activities:

  • Conceptual design and analysis of wing composite structure spars and ribs.
  • Detailed FEM and analysis of a wing large scale model including the control surfaces.

MUL2 Investigators

Erasmo Carrera, Marco Petrolo