After receiveing his academic degree in Aeropace engineering in october 2008 at the Politecnico di Torino he had some research grants at the Aeronatuics and Space engineering department in the same university. During this time period he worked with the analytical version of MUL2 about Functionally Graded Materials (statical and dynamical analysis). In 2010 he made an internship in Thales Alenia Space for SIME-CAE group where he had the opportunity to compare some aspects of MUL2 with the most common commercial structural analysis codes. Currently he serves as the designer at an engineering consulting company called Sofyter Systems Engineering at the SIME-CAE Group at Thales Alenia Space. The main topics of his research include: multi-layer composite materials, and advanced classical theories of plates and shells, functionally graded materials, static and dynamic analysis, buckling and pressurized components.