Dan Min(但敏) is an aeronautical engineer and superior lecturer in Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC). After earning master degree of science in Aeronautical and Aerospace Manufacture Engineering in May 2010 by discussing a thesis on the delamination damage of laminated shells with the Finite Element Method, he works as a teacher in Aeronautical Engineering College of CAUC. Dan Min studied the structure of B737 and CFM56 in Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Corporation of Beijing(2012, 2013, 2014) as an assistant engineer, and he got the qualification certificate of structure inspection in PW4000 from Hua Pu Aviation Engine Training Center in Beijing(2011,2013). Dan Min published more than 15 papers and most of them can be found in http://www.cnki.net/. Awarded as a Young Backbone Teachers in CAUC, Dan Min studies a visiting scholar since January 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Erasmo Carrera. His research project is related to the development of advanced aeroelastic models for aeronautical applications.

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