Dr. Montemurro received his Ph.D. in Mechanics in 2012 at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI France for his work entitled “Optimal Design of Advanced Engineering Modular Systems through a New Genetic Approach” wherein he developed a new genetic algorithm for dealing with optimisation problems with “a variable number of design variables”. Formerly (2012-2013) he was full-time assistant professor at the Ecole des Mines de Nancy (Université de Lorraine) and member of theoretical and applied mechanics and energetics laboratory (LEMTA) at GIP-InSIC. From September 2013 he is associate professor at Arts et Métiers ParisTech in Bordeaux. Over the last years, his research activities focused on the development of numerical algorithms for both parametric optimisation (gradient-based and metaheuristics) and shape/topology optimisation (level-set method, B-spline and NURBS-based strategies, etc.), on the development of numerical strategies for the optimum design of advanced engineering modular structures and on the multi-scale modelling of hybrid anisotropic structures. Currently, he is involved in the regional project FUTURPROD (which focuses on the development of analytical/numerical methods and procedures for designing industrial components fabricated by means of additive manufacturing processes) and he is working on the development of homogenisation techniques (both analytical and numerical) for heterogeneous and/or cellular materials. Dr. Montemurro is author or co-author of about 13 Scopus referenced papers. Furthermore, he serves as a peer reviewer for several international journals. His full CV can be found here.