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With reference to COVID-19 pandemic, conference organizers are closely monitoring the situation. We regret to inform that the conference is postponed until further notice. We will update all attendees if any changes are warranted.

The third edition of ICMAMS is organized by TAMU. Please, refer to the following website for deadlines and instructions on submissions and registrations:  



Celebrating the life-time achievements of
Professor J.N. Reddy on his 75th birthday


Following the successful organization of the First and Second International Conference on Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures in University of Torino, Italy (2018) and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China (2019), respectively, we are pleased to host the Third International Conference on Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures (ICMAMS2020) at Texas A&M University, College Station. The conference venue is Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center on the campus of Texas A&M University. The conference is being organized by the TEES Center of Innovations in Mechanics for Design and Manufacturing.


The objectives of the conference are to provide a forum for researchers from academia, research laboratories, and industry from all over the world who are interested in the field of mechanics of advanced materials and structures to share their research findings and exchange ideas and to provide networking opportunities among participants. The conference should forge cooperative links between researchers and practicing engineers by bringing them together to understand and address technical challenges facing the industry in dealing with materials design, structural analysis, and manufacturing. The conference will also celebrate the 75th birthday of Professor J.N. Reddy. Special issues of several journals are being planned for the occasion. Contributors to these special issues have the option to present their works at the conference. In addition, selected papers from this conference will also be published as a special issue of the MAMS Journal.

Theme and Topics

The theme of ICMAMS2020 is “Integrated Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures” with focus on architected materials and structures, nonlocal mechanics, damage and fracture, process optimization, additive and custom manufacturing, and machine learning. Authors/speakers are encouraged to submit papers on the role of theoretical, computational and experimental mechanics in the study of:

• Composite and architected materials
• Materials design and manufacturing
• Micro and nano-scale phenomena
• Multi-field coupled problems
• Multi-functional materials and structures
• Structural and process optimization
• Energy harvesting technologies
• Metamaterials
• Smart systems with integrated functionalities
• Soft matter
• Additive and custom manufacturing
• Machine learning and data science
• Fuel cell technologies
• Damage, fracture, and fatigue
• Constitutive models at various scales
• Dynamics and vibration
• Fluid-solid interaction
• Multifunctional materials
• Structure-property relationships
• Hypervelocity impact and high energy
• High-fidelity simulations
• Modeling of biomaterials

Papers on integration of models of various processes, integration of models across multiple length scales, integration of design and manufacturing, integration of models with experiments, and integration of mathematical models, computational approaches, and experimental techniques to address multi-physics and multi-scale problems will receive attention. Further, papers on new methods and paradigms in theoretical computational and experimental mechanics (including non-classical and non-local mechanics, peridynamics. Use of machine learning and data science in mechanics etc. are also highly encouraged.






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