The CUF models can provide accurate 3D displacement, strain and stress fields with low computational cost. Such features are of particular interest for the damage and failure analysis of metallic and composite structures. In fact, the accurate prediction of the damage state and failure occurrence requires accurate 3D stress fields and local effects. Furthermore, given that nonlinearities have to be taken into account, numerically efficient models are desired to lower the computational costs. Currently, the MUL2 group is dealing with

  • Tha analysis of the effects of damage on the structural behavior of structures for non-destructive monitoring purposes.
  • The development of material and geometric nonlinear models.
  • The extension to progressive failure analysis of composite structures.

MUL2 Investigators

Erasmo Carrera, Maria CinefraAlfonso Pagani, Marco Petrolo, Riccardo Augello, Michele Delicata

Reference Papers

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