The research activity dealing with the design of aircraft and spacecraft aims at the development of innovative solutions and efficient computational models. Particular attention is paid to:

  • Development of numerically efficient stick models for the analysis of complex structures made of metallic and composite materials. 1D and 2D models are mainly used, and multifield capabilities are accounted for.
  • The design of innovative architectures.
  • Aeroelastic analysis of wings and panels.
  • The design of inflatable structures.

MUL2 Investigators

Erasmo Carrera, Maria Cinefra, Matteo Filippi, Alfonso Pagani, Marco Petrolo, Enrico Zappino, Rodolfo Azzara, Maria Pia Lionetti, Alberto Racionero

Reference Papers

Carrera E., Zappino E.. "Carrera Unified Formulation for Free-Vibration Analysis of Aircraft Structures", AIAA Journal (2016), 54(1), pp. 280-292

Carrera E., Pagani A.. "Accurate Response of Wing Structures to Free-Vibration, Load Factors, and Nonstructural Masses", AIAA Journal (2016), 54(1), pp. 227-241

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Carrera E., Pagani A., Petrolo M.. "Classical, Refined, and Component-Wise Analysis of Reinforced-Shell Wing Structures", AIAA Journal (2013), Vol. 51, 5, pp. 1255-1268

More papers can be found HERE

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