Multiphysics models for virtual testing and process of advanced materials

The virtual testing and process of composites are appealing to enhance predictions, lower fitting, and tuning via experiments, and lead to efficient virtual manufacturing capabilities. The current scientific challenges must tackle the multiphysics, multiscale and nonlinear nature of such materials, resulting in prohibitive computational costs, inevitable support from experiments, and higher costs.

This project aims at unleashing a synergy between the complementary modeling capabilities of POLITO – structural modeling for multiphysics and fluid-structure interaction – and of UBC – fundamental manufacturing and material science. The focus is on the nonlinear modeling of composites and multiphysics modeling of manufacturing.



Call: Polito INTE 2018  
Start Date: 01/08/2018 Duration: 12 Months



UBC Composites Group


MUL2 Investigators

Marco Petrolo, Enrico Zappino, Manish Hassan Nagaraj

UBC Investigators

Anoush Poursartip, Reza VaziriJohannes ReinerNavid ZobeiryHubert Courteau-Godmaire