Dr. Koutsawa received his PhD degree in Mechanics of Materials in 2008 at the University of Lorraine, France. He is currently Associate Scientist at the Materials Research and Technology department of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology. The research areas of Dr. Koutsawa are computational micromechanics, multi-scale computational homogenization and computational mechanics. Over the past years, he has been working on advanced computational approaches for predicting the multi-physics behaviors (responses) of composite materials and structures. Dr. Koutsawa has been the principal investigator of the FNR CORE project (ASPIEZO/787395) on the sensitive design of multi-functional piezoelectric polymer composites based on hierarchical multi-scale modeling approaches. He has supervised three PhD thesis on multi-scale computational homogenization and Taylor series based mesh-free approaches. Dr. Koutsawa  has co-authored about 40 Scopus referenced papers.